What are the differences between Adderall and Desoxyn?

Adderall and Desoxyn

I have an answer for you about Adderall and Desoxyn.

It’s going to be longer than it needs to be, but isn’t that just who we are?

After a year of 2 MD’s that wanted to dose me with what they felt was right and not what I felt was the best for cognitive functions with both Adderall IR’s and XR’s, then being switched to Dexedrine 5mg, after being on Adderall 60mg/day, I had all I could take and switched to my son’s MD in a larger city where new medication rules for ADHD were understood.

The first visit proved fruitful. I was offered to go back on Dexedrine at the proper conversion rate or asked if I wanted to try the Desoxyn that I had read about in forums, and found many had great success over the other choices. Not everyone liked it, but many did. Although it’s a 3 hr drive, round trip to get to the bigger city, It’s been well worth it.

Why drive a Cadillac when you can have the Mercedes.

I started on Desoxyn 10mg AM and 10mg PM and I like it. All the bullshit about it being Methamphetamine is hype intended to discourage it from being prescribed. People on here are as brainwashed as the DEA wants them to be, along with 3/4 of the Dr’s, addiction specialists and mental health workers. Sorry people, update your training and don’t lump Desoxyn in with “street meth” or people who are not ADHD.

It’s nothing like street meth at all. I’ve even pushed the envelope a bit to see what it’s like and I can’t even duplicate the effects of street meth. I’ve tried “street meth” about 10 times my whole life (I’m 56). The only “street meth” that had any effects other than making me feel like shit was “ice” once and biker meth back in the 70’s. All they did was calm me, help me focus and give me a libedo like a 14 yr old. So anyone reading this that thinks Desoxyn is like street meth, clean out your brain and get off the soap box that you don’t even know why you’re on.

Desoxyn starts out great and ends great. No big crashes, no bullshit and best of all, no side effects. A dose seems to last me a good 6-8 hours, but I’m just finishing my first month i bought from The PDR says it has about a 5 hour half life. I’m a slow metabolizer of Adderall and an IR could have me still up 16 hours later, but I’m not seeing this with the Desoxyn. Although I could still be doing what’s necessary for 12 hrs after my afternoon dose, I’m a late night person and naturally get a second wind if needed, but could also go to bed 8 hours after my last dose and not play ceiling games half the night.

Another difference I’ve seen is that with the Adderall you get what I’d call, “tunnel vision”. Only able to focus on one task at a time. Any disturbance’s for me and it ruined everything I was doing. With the Desoxyn, I can focus on several tasks at once if necessary, and any interruptions are just new challenges. “What? I’m doing 5 things at once now, and you want me to do 10? No problemo!” Yeah, no more tunnel vision. It’s great.

Adderall seemed engineered and just dirty. I was swelling up, and having cardiac issues while on it. Dexedrine, although clean, caused agitation and nervousness at the comparable dose. I understand that methamphetamine breaks down into the two amphetamines D and L, just in case someone wants to comment and say there is no differences, but I’ve not had any side effects, even when playing with the dosing, as we all do.

While Adderall would still be keeping me up, I didn’t have a choice like I do with Desoxyn, they wouldn’t stop messing with me. My daughter is also being treated for ADHD, and an Adderall IR only lasts her about 4 hrs, so she adjusts the doses to suit her best. My father along with my 3 kids are ADD including 2 out of 7 grand children, with one getting ready for her diagnosis and the others are too young to tell. Each of us process the medication differently, and I’d be considered a slow metabolizer.

With several companies making ‘’Mixed Amphetamine Salts” now, every damn pill is different. One is the quick hit, another is nervousness, another has no upfront hit but only a smoother Dexedrine effect without any real focus, while another causes severe side effects, and yet another may do nothing at all.

It’s all over the ADD forums, but most pharmacists get all professional and give you the “It’s bioequivalent” bullshit, and it’s just that, professional bullshit. My pharmacist’s son has a sleep/wake disorder and is on high amounts (90+ mg) of Adderall. One brand made him deathly sick and another does nothing for him, so he’s on one of the higher rated brands that the forums talk about.

Good luck, and I’d be interested to know if you go that way, just how you feel about them.

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Cindy Bradley

I had no idea that Desoxyn was still available. I used to take it back early in 1980. It worked great for me. My Gyn. had put me on them. I was taking 30 mg. once a day in the a.m. I always had a clear head and had no problem going to sleep at nite. Then all of a sudden in 1984 my doctor says that some new law came out and he can’t write these scripts for me anymore. I was stuck with nowhere to go. Mind you, he was my gynecologist. Normally a woman sees her Gyn. maybe once, twice a year. He had been sending me my script in the mail every month like clockwork. I’d give him a call a day or 2 before it was due and I would receive it in my mailbox, no problem. Now all of a sudden when I call him he tells me that he can’t “No More”. Years later I start taking Adderall XR, once daily. It doesn’t work nearly as well as Desoxyn, but it’s better than no meds. at all.


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